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quality brick ties direct from a trusted manufacturer


In Excess of Specification

Our brick ties are proudly manufactured in New Zealand.

The Dry Tie has been developed by an engineer and a bricklayer with over 20 years of experience.

Councils require at least a five degree run off on the installation of ties. The Dry Tie has a fifteen degree run off which exceeds council requirements.

As specified in the Building Code this prevents water from tracking back to the studs. It is essential to keep the outer skin (bricks blocks and masonry) isolated from the inner building material.

The Dry Tie is manufactured square every time. This is essential for building contractors if the bricks are going to accurately reflect the building design.

Why would you buy it?

With the Dry Tie you won't have to worry about rotting framing behind the brickwork.

The Dry Tie works by extending the run-off angle from the council standard of 5 degrees (which no other manufacturers are doing) to 15 degrees, to prevent moisture within the mortar from traveling along the brickwork to the framing, thereby preventing leaky house issues.